Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ok.. so work is OBVIOUSLY slow

It's still only about 4pm.
That means I still have almost 2 hrs before I'm out of here.
I'm SOOOO bored. All I want to do is go home... put some comfy clothes on... pop in a movie.. and cuddle with my hubby. This week has sucked so bad because of my schedule... I feel like I haven't seen MY Mike for a month!
At least I have my weekend off!!!! YES.. "Niiiiice"(Borat voice) "High five"
Ok So maybe we enjoy that movie a little TOOO much in my house :)
But can you blame me? I love watching Mike giggle to himself over the simple humor... It's so cute. (You will notice that I adore my husband, sorry if all the mushy talk gets nauseating lol)
*sigh*... 1 1/2 hours!!!
This will probably be pretty long, forgive me,, but I AM a blabber @ heart! (I think I get this from my mother.... She's from New Jersey... Imagine a morning when my mother, aunt, and grandma are parked around the table... :an episode of The Nanny, but with FIVE Fran Dreschers: It's madness) Notice how my little side note turned into a paragraph? I warned you!
Onto other things!
My obsession with new hobbies! I swear I pick up a new one every week... I guess it's my love for learning new things.. Can you blame me?.. There are so many neat things out there I wanna try... My newest addition being Blogging.. (which I am SO excited about!)
I've also recently picked up baking.. AND found that I have a talent at it! SO I'll probably post recipes... ideas and pictures of my mad lab experiments! :::mad scientist laugh::::
Alright.. time for a break.. my butt is falling asleep.
-Mrs. E.

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