Monday, April 16, 2007

Catching up!- Friday

So! I haven't posted since Thursday... Man! I am slackin!!
So while I am at work answering the non-stop flow of calls, I'll recap my lovely weekend! :)
Friday was a wonderful day. First off, I didn't have to work. So of course it was a great start.
Then at about eleven I went over to my sweetie's work for a Bbq...
I attempted to make some "quick" chocolate cookies... but in the end they were just gritty little sand bites... with minimal chocolate flavor AND to top it off.. they looked like shiny plastic poopies..

So those were a No-go.
Pasta Salad to the rescue!!!!!! lol.. (I'll post the recipe in the next blog w/pix )
It was a hit! Thank God! Everyone loved it and kept commenting to Mike about his wife's dish.

Wow did I feel good :)

There WAS a chili that one of the guys made.. it was fabulous! I def. must figure out a recipe similar to it.

Onto other things!
After the BBQ, Mike had the rest of the day off :) woohoo! I love getting to spend a WHOLE day with my hubby. So we decided to work on his car... (I ended up busting part of his BRAND NEW front end... ) typical me...being the screw up clutzo.. lol
That about killed the "working on the car" mood so we decided to head downtown for a bit..
Checked out a few lofts (dreamt of moving into them) and then we finished up the evening with taking some photos and hanging out at the lot.
I put up some pics from earlier on Friday before our loft exploration.
Have a *wonderful day*!
Mrs. E

My sweetie>>

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