Thursday, April 5, 2007

*Newly Wed*

So a new chapter of my life began on February 8th of this year....(double O 7)
I recently married the love of my life :0)
and since then have been trying to get the hang of things. So far, SO good! Especially considering the fact that I don't think we really knew each other as much as we thought we did.
I was never into the whole domestic thing... and I never sat around like most 6 year olds wishing to be someone's wife one day... picking out dresses... playing "here comes the bride with barbies....I honestly never thought I'd be married this young.. if at all..
I was all about being independent and doing what I wanted to do...

It's different thinking about someone else for a change. I actually LOVE it though!
I look forward to looking out for him and taking care of him. CRAZINESS HUH?!
It's definitely growing on me though.. I like the idea of belonging to someone... not feeling alone,,, and having your best friend to come home to!
Wow.. to wake up every morning to that handsome face! :0) Worth a million bucks!
But I guess I would have never thought it could get this good.

Well, I'll be married a LOOOOOONG time... so I'm sure I can write more about this later lol..
ciao4 now!

Mrs. E

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