Friday, April 6, 2007

Ah... another day. I am truly blessed every day by God..

He shows me in all of the smallest ways... but He lets me know He's here with me.

Anyways! It's Friday! I'm just sitting at my desk.. waiting.. watching the clock for the time to say 6PM... then I can escape from this place! yay!

Mike has to work a 24 hr shift tonight since he is a strong Army hero. .. ok, maybe that's a bit over board, but I think the world of him :) And he IS my hero!

Speaking of which! I haven't really gotten into any of my daily dramas yet have I?! Well I will for sure get into all of that probably in my next post...

Why work sucks.... dad getting hit by an IED.... teriyaki disasters.. !

I also need to get a camera up and running so I can get some new pictures! Mike's car will be finished soon, my living room is almost painted.. and PLUS I have been baking new things left and right and I haven't got ANY pictures to show off my masterpieces!!! lol..

ok..ok.. time to get back to work..

but it's always slow... so I'll write more in about 30 min.

Mrs. E

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