Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm Baaaaack.

Ok.. so now I'll tell you all about my teriyaki fiasco last night.

To start: My husband isn't quite a "picky eater" BUT he does eat very limited food groups..
SO trying to cook for him can be a challenge :)

Last night we decided on steak. (He loves meats and cheeses.. I guess that is most men though right?) So we went to food lion and he picked out the meat he wanted.. woohoo a start!
Then he had mentioned something about liking the hibachi steak we get at the local Japanese steak house (My favorite,,, but he only goes cause he loves me! :0) hehehe) At this point I started getting excited!

He wants what?!! Asian food?!! I thought to myself.. "this is fabulous! My favorite,, and it cant be that hard to make, right?" WRONG!!.. I had watched the hibachi guys do it a million times at the restaurant!!!

Back to the story....
We finished up at the grocery store; I grabbed the kikomon teriyaki and we jetted home...

I began cooking my meat (stir fry steak strips) in a pan on the stove while his meat sat in the teriyaki marinade on the counter,,,
then i plugged in the George Foreman... "PLOP!" His steaks went on the grill..

needless to say- My steak striplets ended up covered in a thick sauce and were over seasoned in teriyaki glaze.. lol.. His.. had NO flavor!!..
PANIC MODE- I threw mine in with some veggies to see if i could save them! Luckily it worked..
Then i tried adding more sauce to his... NO luck,,, salt,, pepper.. season salt.. ah,, finally, it seemed a little more normal.. BUT then they started looking really dry,,,
I felt like Lucile Ball.. I poured a little water on the steaks in effort to keep them from too much teriyaki OR becoming hard steak nuggets!
all i have to say.. THANK GOD FOR A1 lol.. Mike seemed to like the steaks,,,

Yet AGAIN, another failed attempt to cook (with love) for my hubby :)

I don't know what it is.. I can bake like crazy.. but when it comes to cooking,, I feel like a complete failure... it's depressing,,
I love Mike SO much and all I want to do is take good care of him and keep him WELL fed (with food he enjoys!)
I hate thinking that he might not REALLY like what I make,,, or that I have to become one of those fast food wives who just "settles" with TV dinners every night..
I guess I have years and years to perfect this.. and maybe some local cooking classes or something will help :) I'll be optimistic every day until I can make Mike the happiest man alive...
alright,, time for a break!
maybe i can get some pictures of my left over teriyaki turds.. hahaha

Mrs. E

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