Friday, October 30, 2009

Awesome Marinade! (Bulgogi)

I was CRAVING Bulgogi the other day and decided to try and  make some myself. While doing our normal shopping in the commissary, I came across this sauce:

CJ's Korean BBQ Sauce (Bulgogi Marinade)
I've tried sauces before.. teriyaki... Hawaiian... you name it! Sometimes they're good.. and sometimes I end up very disappointed. Fortunately for us, this sauce was amazing! It was full of flavor and sweet! Just like the good stuff I've always eaten... and *I* made it! This will definitely become a treat in our kitchen! (Especially since Mike enjoyed it ;0)

The sauce features pear and apple which give it its natural sweetness when the meat juices and the marinade combine. MmmmmMMMmmm!

The strong, sweet aroma makes my mouth water.. I still can't get over how easy it was to make something I've always loved! Now if I could only tackle Kimchi! <3

Here is a pic of the finished product! I was going to add some stirfry veggies but found myself way too hungry and tired to get them out of the freezer. We don't have a rice cooker so I just made some Uncle Ben's quick rice, which worked just fine. :)
For the meat I just used some sliced up steak, marinaded it in the sauce for about 1-1 1/2 hours.. then tossed it in a HOT pan. It seemed a little watery at first, but just let the moisture cook down and the sauce will get nice and think and deliciously sticky!

So, now that I've found a fix for Bulgogi here in Baumholder, anyone have a good recipe for Kimchi?..

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