Sunday, October 11, 2009

Part 2.... Zee Drive To My Haus!

So I stood there, bags in hand, waiting for my romeo... No sign of him or Ashlee in site! 
After about 15 mins or so I started to get a bit panicky! I searched through my bag for my Ipod and opened up my contacts application. "Maybe I can try and use the pay phone to call Mike's new cellphone?".. I browsed around for the nearest phone. 
There were two of them.. sitting off to the side looking ridiculously scary lol
I didn't have any German money yet so I figured I could use my debit card. 
I lifted the handle and fumbled around with the buttons. I couldn't find an "English" setting.. so I guessed around with the German selections.  I finally came to a screen and dialed the number.... "beeeeep..... beeeeeeep.... beeeeeep" CRAP! I must have done something wrong because there is NO ring! (** NOTE--- I had NO clue at the time, but in Germany the phone 'beeps' instead of 'ringing', so in actuality I was most likely calling and being connected to Mike before I hung up! LOL.. The things you find out AFTER the fact! *sigh* ) I slammed the phone down and took a deep breath.. 
NOW WHAT?! I decided to go stand right out front. I figured just incase they searched the airport and gave up looking for me, they might make a last ditch effort and circle the outside. 
Not even 10 minutes after waiting outside I see Mike walking up! HOOOOORAAAY!! My hubby is here to save me!! :0D 
He grabbed my suitcase and we headed to the car for my very first autobahn experience! 
VrooooOooOoOm! Off to my new hometown-- Baumholder! I was in a daze as we zipped around on the autobahn.. A trip that would have take hours back home could be accomplished in a small portion of that time! The roads are so orderly and the traffic just flows. Everyone follows the rules and you get to your destination so much quicker! 
Oh, and did I mention the cars?!! A Euro car lover's dream!!!! VWs.. Audis.. Porche.. BMW.. Mercedes.. etc.. new and old.. and the "old" were SOOOO well taken car of.. *heavenly!* lol

AHHHHHHH... speeeedy .... This takes some getting used to for sure!
Only a little bit of a drive and we had arrived! 
**Beautiful Baumholder Germany! **
Now the journey really started! My next few posts will recap a bit of what I've done so far! 
Any questions about the trip or PCS.. PLEASE feel free to email me (  or leave a comment! 

--Steens <3


Lindsay said...

I found your blog searching for Baumholder info since we will be moving there in the Fall. Since you invited questions... Any advice on finding housing on the economy? Any of those "wish I had..." before you moved?


Steena said...

Hi Lindsay!
As far as finding housing on the economy, I'm not 100% sure how that works. Your best bet would be to ask the housing office here. I believe they have some resources and lists of places that rent to military off post.
I was pretty prepared when I came since I've pcs'd numerous times.. so I don't really think there were any 'darnet, I wish I had... etc'
It starts getting chilly around october so try to come with a jacket and a mix of clothes so you aren't waiting without them until your stuff gets here. Hmm... Other than that, can't really think of anything. I'm up for helping though! Just let me know! :D
You can always email me as well!

Lindsay said...

Thanks! We don't have official orders yet, so we are trying to prepare what we can. A lot will be on hold until then. We are also trying to figure out the deployment schedule to see if it would make sense for me to get there when he does. I might take you up on that email if I need something else. I really appreciate the offer!

Steena said...

I feel you with the orders stuff..It seems like they take forever with them sometimes, but there is soooo much to do and little time to do it AFTER the orders have been cut. So a head start is always a good thing!
If you email me I can tell you what the deployments are looking like here. (I'd post, but ya know.. OPSEC)