Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ice Cube Making Bags (My Review!)

We don't have an ice maker in our housing issued fridge, so making tea or trying to drink anything cold can be such a pain! The other day I was browsing the commissary isles when I came across these!
They were only a little over a dollar so I threw a pack in my cart. 
Tonight I decided to give it a try. I pulled one of the bags out of the pack of ten.

The directions are stated:
1. Fill the bag by using the funnel shaped opening. (Like above :)
2. Turn bag upside down and put in freezer. (I did this and it was drizzling water... Not from the funnel part, but from the seams of the cube sections)
3. Pull the bag vertically and horizontally to loosen the cubes.
4. Use the bag to store extra cubes in the freezer.

Here is my two cents!
As soon as I turned my bag over is started to leak from the cube seams. The water continually trickled down... I place the bag in the freezer.. returned a while shortly and found a half empty bag and a puddle in my fridge. :( I figured maybe it was just that bag and tried again with no success.
Have any of you tried these bags before? I followed the instructions, but maybe I missed something?
Anywho! I won't be using them again.. guess I'll have to stick to my one ice cube tray lol

My sad bags.. :(

If you wanna give them a try they are-- Perfect Ice Cube Bags by Cadie. They make 240 cubes and are made from environmentally friendly polyethylene.

Let me know if you have any luck! :) I was really bummed they didn't work for me!


Frank said...

We actually used those bags when we were in France and they were incredible! Sorry they didn't work for you.

Steena said...

It may have just been a bad bag! I may give them a try again some other time. I think it's a really great idea!

Patricia said...

Instead of putting the bags upside down, i lay them flat and stack them

Robert Platt Bell said...

We use these in our camper. A friend of ours gave them to us. They work great. You had one bad bag, apparently. You know, sometimes, you have to give a product a little more of a chance than that.