Wednesday, October 21, 2009

* Trier * The Oldest City in Germany. (Pt 1)

Ok, I know this is probably the most random thing... especially to post first, but the cars you see here are amazing! I can tell you that if I didn't post a VW here and there I'd have some very angry friends :0p  This bug was in the parking garage waiting to welcome us to Trier! I was in *love* lol
Alright.. On to the good stuff! (I KNOW that won't be the last car I post though hehehe)

As we made our way down to La Porta Nigra we took in all the small beauties. The cobblestone roads... plant covered walls, and the detailed doors to quaint little houses.
After about 5 minutes of walking we hit the center of downtown Trier. The colorful buildings, fountains, and sculptures suck you in to the history of the city. I felt like I was thrown back in time hundreds of years.

Ah! All of the wonderful churches! Here are a few pics to feed your curiousity..

The sanctuaries are HUGE and All the detail is mind blowing! It must having taking forever just to get every piece in its place. Each room led to another .. it was kind of like a giant labyrinth.After a while of walking around inside the church.. we decided to head out to the courtyard.

So many sculptures and carvings to look at! You need plenty of time to take it all in!... Which is why I'm sure we'll be back a few times while we are here.

We finished up our detour at the churches and set back on our walk to La Porta Nigra.
Stay Tuned....