Monday, October 5, 2009

New Kitchen Test Run! (Baumholder Style!)

So, I'm in Baumholder... FINALLY! I've been here about 2 weeks now and I'm getting settled in my new home! I have lots to post, but I figured I'd share my first actual meal with you all! What's better in these chilly mountains than a good ol' fashioned pot roast!

First, get all of your ingredients....
I usually buy a nice chunk of cow! lol Any nice fatty cut will do since we are using the crock pot :) You could put a rock in that machine and it would come out juicy and tender! (jk.. well, kinda) Then, I grab some good root veggies... carrots and potatoes (You can add onion, but I skipped it this time) For flavor, I usually throw in some garlic and celery. Both give the meat a nice 'ummf'.

Stare at the meat for a minute on your counter top.. Tell it who's boss!

Take the meat out of the plastic casing and give it a quick rinse. (Trim it just a little if you feel the need to)

Put about 1/4 a cup of flour in a large bowl or shallow dish.. mix in some salt and pepper.
Probably about a teaspoon or tablespoon of each. Blend it together and then dredge your meat in the flour mixture until it's covered.

Prepare your crock pot and a pot (or pan) to sear the meat.. The fun part starts now!! *evil laugh*

Drizzle about 2 tablespoons of oil in your HOT pot.. Once your oil is nice and hot and the pan is screeeeeamin, drop that big ol' hunk of meat in! (Don't mind the bad focus.. you'll see plenty!)

Let it sit in the pan for a bit.. You want to make sure each side is evenly browned and golden!
This is going to seal in the juices of the meat and give it extra added flavor! MmmmMMMmm!

*SiZzLe* Oh buddy! If you drop a little bit of fresh cut garlic in the mix like I did, this is when your kitchen begins to smell AH-MAZE-INGG! *SHIVER*

See how the oil and flour and meat juice is kinda mixing and browning?.. FLIP TIME!

Wipe the drool of your face and wait on the next side now!

Once you've brown ALL the sides, pop it into the crock pot/slow cooker/heaven on earth maker! Don't forget all the good stuff in the bottom of the pan/pot. We call that the 'drippins' in the south. lol Wheeeew Weeee!

You probably wanna go ahead and have the crock pot started a few minutes before you put the meat in.... just to get things going! It looks a little sad sitting there.. so I think I'll add some buddies!

The meat will already have a ton of flavor, but if you're like me, you'll want a little more! :)
I added about 1 1/2 packs (there's 2 in a box) of Lipton's Onion Soup Mix.. It gives it a nice rich flavor and saves a lot of wrist shaking of different spices! Thank you Mr. Lipton for simplifying roast! lol

Next, chop up your veggies and drop them into the pot. I try to leave the celery closer to the top so it doesn't get too mushy in the bottom juices.

Once everything is in the crock pot I add about half a can of beef broth and half a cup of water.. Just enough to cover the bottom of the pot and moisten the seasoning and veggies. (Hello out of focus can! lol)

Close the lid and set it!
I put it on low for 8 hours. Perfect for a busy day!

I had about two good sized potatoes left over, so I decided to make a small side of mashed potatoes. Just give them a quick wash... peel them.. cut them.. and drop them into some salted boiling water. Once the potatoes soften, drain the water and drop the pieces of potatoes into a food processor (quick method lol) Add a bit of milk/cream... some butter.. and salt, blend it all up and BAM! You got some 'taters! ;0)

So quick and easy to go along with roast.. super delish! You can always take some of the potatoes that soaked up roast juice and blend them in as well ;)

Snap back to reality and look @ your kitchen.. Time to clean up! Good thing it only takes a few minutes!

Much better... *sigh*


O... MY.... GAWSH!... Super tender and savory..

Throw in some biscuits.. scoop the taters.. and get ready for a SUPER meal!
*Note-- When making biscuits.. PUH-LEEZ don't sear your hand on the red hot oven coil!


When all's said and done, soak your pot.. and take pictures of battle scars.. lol
Here's my fillet o' Christina's hand! *sniffle*

Hope you all *enjoy*!

--Steens <3


Ken M. said...

Two observations. One... Aren't your ingredients supposed to be in German?
Two... I sure am glad you're blogging again. Can't wait to show you my creation (once i get it working right)
Three (can't count) Are you taking up where Julia Childs left off?

Margie said...

Glad you are all settled in. I've been craving some comfort food ... especially since it's been cooling down to *cough* 70 degrees *cough* in Northern California. So ... when ya gonna bake something :)

Mrs. Snugglebunny said...

your poor hand.

KTMB & BUB said...

christina!! that looked delicious! i wish my man was home to cook that for him!! :D

Steena said...

Mr. Ken, I can't wait to see this "creation" of yours!
You can tell I am one for the creating of things! lol
hmm.. True.. maybe Julia Childs would like my blog?? :0p

Margie... I have been craving a baking spree! It's hard now without a car.. so I am limited to how much stuff I can carry! Maybe I can get a friend to give me and my eight pound flour sack a ride.. hehehe

Steena said...

Thanks for all the comments :)