Friday, October 16, 2009

Make Your Own Skinny Jeans :)

            Being an Army wife sometimes comes with the loss of luxuries! lol
Recently I came to a roadblock and had to get creative to make my current wardrobe fit my needs. I bought some boots from Aldo before the big move and now that it's getting pretty chilly here, I wanted to put them to use. Unfortunately, our PX is rather small and EXTREMELY limited. (especially when it comes to anything 'fashionable') SoOoOo it was time to brainstorm! My regular jeans were NOT going to work with these boots.. and I did NOT spend over 140.00 on boots just to leave them in my closet. I have some boot cut jeans and some flares... but neither fit smoothly in my boots. They all wanted to bunch up or my boots wouldn't even fasten..
Since I can't find skinny jeans at our local store (and don't have a car to explore much further)  it was time to get modifying! After a little cutting and sewing, my boots can now be warn and I have a chic new pair of custom skinnies!

First, I put the jeans on inside out and pinned down the leg to fit my desired shape...
Then, I sewed a straight stitch down the outside of my legs and tried them on to check the fit. 

Perfect! Now I trimmed the excess and ran a zigzag stitch over the outer edge to keep the jean fabric from fraying or coming undone. Flip them inside out.. pose a little in front of your mirror and BAM! You've got a nice new set of skinny jeans! 

Not to mention the awesome fit since they are made FOR YOU. ;0)

And the problem is solved! My boots close completely and there is almost NO bunching! 
Guess we'll give them a trial run this weekend... Hi haters :0P

Ok! Time for you to get chopping! Let's see what you come up with! Jeans can be modified into over a million and one new things. .. so the possibilities are endless! 

Have fun! 


Mac said...

Good job. You had a problem, you developed a solution, and overcame. I'm proud of you. That's my girl. Excellent blog.

Steena said...

Thanks daddio! <3

Mrs. Snugglebunny said...

thats awesome!

Eric said...

Well done! The jeans look really nice and would probably go well with flats or heels as well. The boots are awesome!