Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wow.. what a crazy day

My head has basically been throbbing....
So, work started off pretty good.. not super slow.. not a ton of work to do.. Then, BAM! bloody guy comes running through the door, "I've been shot! Call 911! I've been shot!"
I kick into panic mode... 'what should I do'... 'this guy needs help'... 'should I get the hell outta here before someone comes in to shoot everyone else and finish him off?!!'

Man,, was I freakin out! He stumbled through the showroom bleeding all over until we got him to sit down .. I called Janette and told her to come help ASAP! (Then she ran like bionic woman ) The whole time he kept calling for us to call his mother... [we did of course]
Once the police got there I could finally breathe... (and run to the br to pee! lol) Janette did a great job with her medic skills lol woot woot.

I'm just glad things turned out well.. and he was only shot in the HAND! lol (not to mention with his OWN gun.. )
pOOOOOr Guy..

WELP.. time for some rest.. and hopefully more training for this at work?!! lol jk


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J snatch said...

man that is crazy i cant imagine having hat happen while at work i think i would of passed out and peed my pants. . . . hmm what is this i speak of ha ha