Monday, March 24, 2008

Somebody's got a case of the MUHN--DAYZZZ...

Here goes the newest edition to my home decor... :)
It's the Potala Palace Cabinet from Pier 1. I was originally going to Pier 1 to get a table set for my kitchen.. BUT the set was a lot shorter than it looked online.. so I passed on it. I DID, however, come across something better.. this cabinet caught my eye on the way out. It's colors
were vibrant and I just couldn't pass it up! The inside is what sold me though. It's got lots of space to store my stuff.. and looks FabUlOuZ doing it. I'll take some pix once my order gets in.. **fingers crossed** Which will hopefully be by the 31st :) Guess we'll wait and see.

Below... Is my next big venture! Hopefully, I'll have this baby by the end of the month.
It's the Suzuki Gz250. Msrp is $3,249.00 .. but hopefully I'll get it for a bit less.. I'll keep updating . :) and fer sher be cruising around on my *new* motorcycle by the beginning of summer .. WOOOOOHOOO!!

Enough for now!

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