Monday, March 3, 2008

~City Market Deli~

So, The Chocolate Lady closed down shop downtown and moved to another location, BUT that didn't stop the next group from moving in for their shot at a business on Hay st.
Next up.. City Market Deli. ..
I have to say.. Blue Moon is my *favorite* place to eat downtown.. but this is going to take a close second now. The sandwiches were good... very flavorful and fresh.. nice size too.. BUT the only thing that gave me reason to mark them down a bit was $$$ .
For a sandwich... (no chips or drink) 7.50!... for a lunchbox meal (drink, chips, sandwich) 10.50!!!
YIKES,, it was 19 something for two sandwiches and a small Yoohoo bottle.. WTF?
Guess this will just have to be a once and a while thing.. and I'll have to continue my love for Blue Moon.. Here are some photos I took :)
The view from the inside.. wow... what a nice day it was :)
I fell in love with the light fixtures.. great taste ..
They were little bug lites! Ohh... and LOOK AT THE TIN CEILING?!! Awesome :)
These were neat too... really modern looking ..They'd look great in a hallway.(MY hallway lol)
Small menu up on the board.. but look how pretty the shelves are..
yum!,,, MAKE MY SANDWICH!!! lol
My Pastrami on rye... mmmm nice and spicy! :)
HMMM... the desserts looked ok.. the tiramisu looked the best.. but they all looked store bought and boxed... so.. probably not super great tasting..

Overall... it was pretty good,.... BUT I def.. was a little disappointed..

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