Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too Emotional?

I don't get this? I've been told many times that I'm an emotional person,, but is that a bad thing?
Just because I feel for people in unfortunate situations, or care about people who seriously need help... ?? I thought that's what 'us' as humans do naturally?... Maybe I'm not the one who's "over-emotional".. maybe everyone around me has become numb to how sad this world has become... call me emo.. depressed.. whatever.. but I wouldn't trade my emotions for anything. It's the only thing that keeps me feeling alive.
I think about people and how they've lost and it breaks my heart..
Especially the way other people can go on with their daily lives.. take everything for granted and care less if anyone is losing something for their gain..
So far.. this war in Iraq has taken 3,983 lives (just U.S.) and left 29314 wounded... not counting other countries involved. For people going on with their daily lives in places outside of the military community.. these are just numbers.. but for some.. it's our family member, friend, neighbors..
and it's not just this war or the victims I have empathy for..
What about those who have missing family members... or a cold homicide case? They may never know where their relative is or what happened to their love one.. some at least have some closure.. but thousands of people will die before getting any kind of answers.
If you don't have some sort of heart that aches for these people then gosh.. I must be emotional.
And thank God for that.

(guess it's the gloomy weather out lol.. sorry.. )

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