Thursday, March 6, 2008

But seriously..
My name is Christina.
My favorite color is green.
I come from a large.. close knit family.
I love culture.. learning about other people's culture can be an experience beyond words..
I love music... anything and everything.. I'm open.
I love to cook new foods.. bake.. and EAT! :)
I am the oldest of 3 with one brother and one sister.. OH! what the heck.. two sisters.. (Nikki) :)
When I was little.. I dreamt of being a famous singer/model/dancer/actress lol.. funny how many things you think you can be, eh?
I love to try new things.. anything active.. or creative.. and I'm down.
I talk with God everyday.. I'm probably not the best example sometimes.. but He knows I try..
I truly believe He is the only reason I'm even here today.
I enjoy history. Getting a glimpse of the past is intriguing to me.
My dream car would be something older.. that ran on bio diesel... lol
One day when I'm older and have some money to play with.. I'd love to open a cafe/bakery... a nice eclectic place to gather and socialize with friends.
I like to paint.. scrapbook... take pictures.. decorate.
I want at least two kids.. hopefully a boy and a girl.. BUT I'll be happy with whatever I get since I've been told I might have some difficulties in that department.
uh.. yeah.. that's it for now.. got a headache..
But I'm sure I could think of a thousand things I like...
like... people with manners. :)
-Booger (the nickname my dad has for me ) <-- that's a new fact huh?! lol

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