Monday, March 3, 2008

The List of Ideas..

Welp, not too far back, Mike asked me to make a list of things I wanted to do... or that I enjoyed doing..(that we could do together) SOOOOO, I sat down at work on a slow day, and here is what I came up with:

The *List*
  • Cook a new dinner together to try.

I hate being in the kitchen by myself... and cooking alone is one of the most boring things to do. Especially when you are always cooking and eating the same thing. So, I thought this would change things up.. give us something new to try.. and give us an opportunity to spend time together.

  • Volunteer together.

I used to do a lot of volunteer work when I was younger.. and I really enjoyed it... It can be an experience that bonds you together like nothing else.... and the feeling you get from helping others is priceless. Places-- Orphanage, Homeless shelter, Habitat for Humanity, Nursing Home.... etc

  • Work Out Together.

I enjoy getting out and getting physical and nothing is better than having someone to do it with. Not to mention the results you can see from the exercise. Being in good health AND looking great.. WHY WOULDN'T YOU?! lol... Go to the gym, obstacle courses, play a sport together.. run... So many things fit under here!

  • Pick up a new hobby together.

Something you BOTH enjoy. This will give you both the opportunity to learn together and experience something new..... something the two of you can share and bond over... Even training for something like a race would be fun.

  • Museums.

Learn about historical periods together.. this will give you something new to talk about :)

  • Lay out and watch the stars.

Nothing is more peaceful then laying out at night and gazing at the stars above you... it's the perfect time to talk.. cuddle.. and dream together.

  • Camp.

Camping is the perfect time to get away from everyday distractions and get in touch with your relationship... just enjoy eachother's company and explore the beauty of nature. Hike, picnic, or sit around a fire.. It's just YOU + the woods :) (((and hopefully no serial killers lol)))

  • Beach.

The beach is great to get out of town and relax... pack a cooler with food and drinks.. throw on your suit.. and head out to the sand.. Just lay out together in the sun... splash in the waves to cool off... and then head off to the beach stores to check out the unique gifts or attractions.. enjoy the drive back with a beautiful sunset behind you. :) Sounds NICE.. lol

  • Fishing.

Not toooo sure why I wanna do this... but i think it'd be fun.. LOTS of time to talk.. and peace of mind with just me + him + water. ..... and maybe the fact of catching the biggest fish in the world.... yeah.. that could be cool too :)

  • Indoor pool.

swimming can be fun sometimes!

  • Video game (that we can BOTH play)

Maybe a racing game.. arcade type game.. something we can both enjoy and do together.

  • Zoo.

I enjoy walking around in the sun.. looking at all the animals you cant see out in your own yard.. and imagining myself somewhere outside of Fayetteville!!! lol

  • Make pottery together.

This would be cool cause you're making something together, having fun.... AND you get a pretty piece of art you can display forever :) (that YOU made!)

  • Book stores and Libraries.

These are great places to find new discussion topics.. or new ideas of things to do together.

  • Babysit.

I KNOW this one is a little random, but... I think if you're looking at having a family.. it can be a great experience.. and give you a little insight on things you might not have thought of before... It's kinda like a.... 'pretend we have kids' day lol (ok.. sorry.. i feel weird now)

  • Go out for dessert or coffee.

We don't necessarily have to have a big dinner.. we could eat at home... then go have a cup of coffee and share a dessert.. no better time for talking. ;0)

  • Home improvements.

Why not work on projects together to build a place you wanna relax and spend time in. ... painting.. building furniture.. decorating.. who knows~!~

  • Ice skating. Bowling. Biking.

This is a fun way to spend an afternoon.


  • Botanical Gardens.

Probably real pretty to walk around at.

  • Planetarium.

Get a tour of the stars and planets... def. an awesome time together.

  • Aquarium.

Check out all the fish in the sea.. and learn some new things together.

  • Imax.

Not just a normal old movie.. this is going BIG lol

  • Flea markets.

Find random nick knacks together.. or items for a new collection.

  • Dancing.

Go take a couple dance classes together.. it's a fun way to learn something useful.. and get closer :)

  • Rock climbing.

Great trust gaining experience.. good workout... and it's a ton of fun!

Alright.. I'm finished for now.. BUT I'm NOT out of ideas.. Just ready to actually start putting them to use. :)


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