Monday, March 10, 2008

My weekend..

Yay! a picture of me and dad!! We were sitting around for what seemed like forever Saturday... waiting on Ariana's cheer competition to end,, (congrats on the numerous 1st place winnings!! GO ROCKETS) Well.. I got to go to the antique and craft festival. It was enjoyable.. but there weren't a lot of vendors this year. I DID see a few things I liked, unfortunately.. NO bottle caps.. how lame is that!? lol I did, however, come across some pretty neat jewelery and buttons. And I found this really weird tie dye guy from New Orleans..
Here's a picture similar to what I got... Mine is green and orange.. and cuts off at the knee.. I tried it on last night and it's gonna be great for summer! :)

I also got one of these bracelets.. They are like the ones I got in Colombia.. and I couldn't resist! Mine is a blend of beautiful greens. :)Peruvian friendship bracelets.

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