Friday, March 7, 2008

~*~*~T.G.I.F. ~*~*~

So glad the weekend is finally here! It's been a crazy week.. and I'm ready to enjoy my weekend off. Just relax and enjoy my freedom from obnoxious people and constant ringing of phones.
There are SO many things going on this weekend... What shall a girl do?! lol
Well here are my choices: (Most likely doing more than one)
  • Craft and Antique show- *PERFECT* for my bottle cap hunt! :)
  • Church (def. going.. need any God I can get right now lol)
  • Ariana's cheer competition (in the same plaza as the craft and antique show.. so maybe i'll drop in!.. 10 bux though.. :0/ ... GOOO ROCKETS!!!)
  • Going on a Hizzzike. (I need some exercise... and it would be a good time!)

Hmm.. welp.. I'm sure there is we'll wait and see!

Next weekend is the India Festival... (I SOOOOO wanna check it out)

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