Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Southern Chicken & (Biscuits, Dumplings, or Pastry)

Since I've been over here in Germany, there has been no better food than comfort food! At least once a week I try and make a hot and hearty meal for me and the hubs. This week I made chicken and biscuits. In North Carolina you'll find it as 'chicken and pastry' and 'chicken and dumplins' I love dumplins and pastry, but my husband (the northerner) prefers biscuits. If you would like to substitute either, go for it ;-)

First you'll need some chicken! I like the boneless skinless stuff because it's quicker. If you feel like adding a  lot more flavor and doing a little extra work, bone-in-chicken works great too. Then you'll need some cream of chicken soup.. (either 1 big can or two small ones) a regular can of chicken broth, some green onion, and some garlic.

Now's the time to pop open that slow cooker! HELLO MY PRETTY!

Rinse your chicken and place it in the pot.... Add your cream of chicken soup and about half your can of broth. (You can add more or less of the broth depending on how thick you like your gravy sauce) Chop up your green onion and add about a handful. This is when I usually sprinkle a little garlic powder, some season salt, and some black pepper. (Do this to taste as well) Then throw in about 2 or 3 cloves of chopped garlic to give it some good flavor. If you're going to use pastry, now is the time to add it. Dumplins can be easy if you use canned biscuit dough. Just throw it in as chunks and it cooks up really nice :) (about one small can) Cook on high about 6 hours... or adjust to fit your needs. Around 30 minutes before the chicken is ready is when I usually toss the biscuits in the oven.. Grab them out and pour the chicken over a hot biscuit for a great meal!

This is the *perfect* dish to fill you up on those chilly days!
--Steens <3

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