Thursday, November 19, 2009

Painting is to begin!

I went to the U Fix It store today..(so exciting! hehehe) Here's a picture I snuck of the color selection! (Sorry the picture is kind of blurry... The board was at the other side of the warehouse and it wasn't the best lighting) These are our 8 colors to choose from. Number 3 is what we currently have.  1 is a light blue; 2 is a gold-ish, mustardy color; 3 is white and boring; 4 is yellow; 5 is a light pink; 6 is a peachy color; 7 is a light yellow; and 8 is a light green.
I picked up number 6 for our living room. It's the most neutral color of them all and will probably work with the things I like. I painted a patch in the living room and so far it's not bad.

See, not hideous, right? A little color but nothing crazy. I'm considering the green for my kitchen.. but one thing at a time for now! :)

I'll most likely have a good chunk done tonight, so keep your eye out for the finished product and progress along the way.

-- Almost Friday!


Ethie Rodriguez said...

I think you should paint your room in the golden color. It's not exactly the glam good kind of gold, but with the dark wood furniture and the green you have on your bedspread, I'd go with it. It'll warm the room and make it a lil dim for an ambience... and the green is just hideous, I would stay away from it lol. Try the other yellow for the kitchen... if anything, the blue!

Katie and Wayne said...

i think green for you kitchen would be FAB!