Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quick Change for Fragrance Tarts...

I am a candle person! I love coming home in the evening, lighting up a bunch of smelly candles, and relaxing to the warm glow and comforting smells. Nothing beats it :)
Wax tarts are my next favorite! Unfortunately, changing out that wax tarts can be a pain in the a**. Here is how I switch them out.

First, I heat up the wax until it's completely melted. Then, I pour the wax that's in the burner into an empty glass. (I have one I use just for this purpose) There is usually just a little wax left in the burner so I put a few drops of warm water in them which solidifies the leftover wax before it resticks...(make sure you add the warm water while the wax is still HOT) Dump the remaining wax chunks that form into your wax jar. Now you can wipe off the burners and put your new wax tart in.

Here is my wax jar above.. All of my burners had warm spicy scents that blend well together... I tend to keep the smells separate so that I can reburn them again.

When this wax hardens I break it up and put it in a ziplock until I decide to burn this scent again. You can rebuse this wax over and over and over!

Here are some of my recycled scent tart chunks.

Burners filled with their new fall scents!

Another way to do this would be to freeze the wax filled burners and "pop" them out when they are frozen... I find it to still be quite difficult to do and usually end up stabbing myself with knives in my hands trying to cut the wax free.
The first way works so much better for me... less work and less time consuming! :)

Hope this helps!
--Steens <3

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