Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

Here are a few pictures from the cooking....

Prep stage... Turkey's ready for a bath!

"Help! I'm naked!"
Fresh and towel dried!

Throw a few things into the bottom of the pan.. onion, potato, garlic, rosemary.. Dress it up with some olive oil.. MmmmMmm.

Butter it up allll nice!

Added some delicious seasonings and stuffed it up..:)

Oh buddy, my Martha Stewart pan looks lovely!


When your overseas for the Holidays, webcam cook with fam!! hehe

What would I do without olive oil and my tong ta tong tong toooongs??

I need more space!

Hot from the oven! The aroma is *delightful*!

This thing was SUPER juicy!

Here's my baby.. waiting next to my candied yams.. 10 minute rest and then time to carve and eat!

Hope you all had an AWESOME Thanksgiving! I know we did!


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