Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh the task of decorating!!

I've been working on making our new house a "home" but my choices are so limited here! We can't do much of anything to change the appearance of our (very old and outdated) housing. We're allowed to paint, but have to repaint when we leave. They urge us to use their (the military's) color choices.. but I'm not really feeling the selection. They are pastels--not cute pastels either--and not really anything I like. I wish they had some neutrals to choose from, but no luck there. I am to the point of desperation though... I don't know If I can stand the plain white walls in this place for the next 3 years!!!
Tomorrow I plan on going down to our 'You Fix It' building and grabbing some paint. (It's free!) We'll see what I come home with.. At this point, anything is better than my hospital walled living room!!

I will keep you posted and maybe we'll get some creative juices flowing. :)

Any suggestions for decorating without altering my housing too much?? I will take any help I can get! lol For now, I'm off to google apartment living decorating..

Ciao my friends!! <3


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