Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Updated Balcony....aka- my oasis

Just a few photos of the upgraded balcony.. Today I will be adding MORE to it!! :)
My mother bought me some delicious looking veggie plants.. so as soon as I get home, I'll be planting my new babies!
Sigh.. other than that..
I am feeling MUCH better than I was yesterday..
I seriously thought I had a miscarriage of a baby I didn't know I was pregnant with.. =-0
Turns out I am NOT pregnant.. and I just needed some good old antibiotics,.... and PAINKILLERRRRRS! :)
Very scary evening though..
Today we are having our "SUPER SALE!" ::cough::.. so all of the weird 'carni' folk are here @ the dealership.. ::gag::
I will sooo be taking the long way around everywhere this whole week lol...
as long as I can avoid that showroom... I will survive this! hehehe
alright.. I better get to work.. (or at least pretending ;0) ..)
Be back later
Mrs. E

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