Thursday, June 7, 2007

I never knew there were SO many..

There are SO many orphaned children who need homes... and there is a shortage of foster and adoptive parents..
I mean,,, there are so many celebs adopting foreign children, what about the ton of children in America who have no one to love them??! (and half of them aren't just poor, they have been abused and have no idea what a loving family is)
I can't adopt or foster--because I'm not 21-- but I wouldn't mind taking one in someday(esp. if I can't have one of my own..)
The really sad part is that most of the children being adopted are the brand new babies.. but what about a young middle schooler.. in the most influencial times in their lives?... They have no family to support them...
to cheer them on at baseball.. teach them new things.. hug them whent they're sad,, and kiss them good night...
Yes, there ARE some that are very disfunctional and come from rough backgrounds..(they may need EXTRA care)
BUT there are some who may have lost their single mothers to cancer and have no where to go.
In that case they are just wanting a loving family again.
Here are a few I have fallen in love with:

This is matthew..
He is a 14 yr old..(Ohio)
His family was no longer able to care for him.. :(
He likes soccer and skiing and is in 5th grade...
Look how precious.. :)
I just want to give him a hug!!!!!
This is Amzi..
He's an 8 yr old from Nc!! (what do you know lol)
He loves the outdoors and wants to be a wrestler. :)
This is Nicholas. ..
He's a 6 yr old in Tx.
His parents probably could not deal with his disabilities.. (which are little to none.)
Emotional: Moderate
Physical: Moderate
Medical: Mild
Developmental: Moderate
Nothing there says severe.. So why is he still without a family?
Don't you want to play video games and watch sports tv with him?.. (his two favorite things to do)

Alright.. I could go on and on.. but there are thousands ... so if YOU want to see more.. check out that's where I found these *beautiful* children. They may not be babies.. but that doesn't mean they wouldn't love you just as much (or even more!!)
Mrs. E

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