Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good Morning... :)

It's Thursday morning.... I'm sitting at my desk... and I can't seem to keep myself from falling asleep..
My eyes are SO heavy right now and all I wanna do is go home and plop myself in bed. I have 5 more hours until I'm even close to getting that though.. so I guess I better wake up, huh?!!
Anyways. We went and paid Mike's lawyer costs the other day--he put it on one of his old credit cards-- so hopefully this guy can work some magic and help us out of this rut.
If he does end up guilty (ticket says for 'willful speed competition') then he could lose his license for a year... our insurance will sky-rocket.. etc. So that won't be fun.
***Pray that the whole things turns out well (the court date is August 8th.. So I'll keep you informed.)

Other than that, life has been pretty good lately. I got my hair cut yesterday by my best friend's sister-in-law. She did a really nice job and my hair is so much better:) I've been meaning to get it cut for a while now.. but money and time have been my big issues...
With my hair being so crazy curly, it can take FOR. EV. ER to get done.. not to mention that the place that knows how to do my hair, costs more money than I'd like to spend right now.
I do notice that God works small things out for me alllll the time, though :)

Our house hasn't really changed much recently.. the only new stuff is out on our balcony.. it's looking SO nice right now with all of the flowers I've got out. (I'll have to take some pictures and post them later.) I've turned our balcony into my own little oasis getaway lol.. I go out there at night and just relax with some candles lit... and nothing but the frogs for music :)

Speaking of frogs.. I felt like I was in an invasion last night..
When me and Mike went to the laundry room there were SO many of them EVERYWHERE!
Toads, babies, bullfrogs.. you name it! Some were already run over in the street.. but most were hopping around our sidewalks and doorways.. everywhere you looked there were about 4 or five of them... it was REALLY odd.. (but cool since I like the little creatures :)
The invasion I DID have a problem with were the fire ants this past week.. I swear.. you kill of one trail and they find another!.. They are such a nuisance!
But I eventually got rid of them .. so let's hope when I get home today there aren't a brand new bunch waiting for me!
hmm.. maybe my frog friends could help me out, eh?!!! lol
Alright.. time for some work!!
:) :) :)
Mrs. E

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