Thursday, June 28, 2007

Almost Friday!

Wow.. it has been QUITE A WHILE since I last posted..
been busy I guess.. (that tends to happen a lot)
You haven't missed anything that exciting though..
Well, last night I kinda knocked our TV off of our dresser and into our bedroom wall... NOT fun.
It was broken on impact. So, needless to say, we were at Wal-mart at about 10 pm last night buying a new TV and a DVD player (just incase the Xbox is broken)
Little did we even begin to think of how we were supposed to lugg this big square box home..
Def. NOT in the Focus.. that's for sure...:
The trunk- not a big enough opening.
The back seats.. wide enough, but the doors don't open far enough.
The front seat... Doors open enough, but the opening is not big enough... figures.
So, after pushing and prying for about 15 mins... I decided to call mom.. "Please! come help us!!!!!!" lol
She did, and we finally got the damn thing home!
Hmm.. not much other than that lately.
I'll write more when I have some pictures uploaded.
Mrs E

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