Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My WHOLE Weekend! (In a post.. :)

I am a frog fanatic... I saw this little fellow when I went to grab our mail.. He ended up coming home with me for a while :)
He was TINY compared to the bullfrog babies running around our pond.
Trying to blend in with Mike's shirt..
I'm in love!
hopping toward some socks..
resting on his long journey to the sock cave.. lol
climbing the sock mountain... ::::ugh:::
These are from the night before.. Mike took me to see a movie I've been wanting to see at the cameo.. (our local art house theatre)
The rainy streets...
Cameo sign..
Inside the Cameo lobby.. after closing lol..
My feet.. :)
We went to Rude Awakening next door to grab some coffee with our friends afterward.. Our friend Lives in the loft above.. So this is where we hang out often..
Mike and our Chris'. Don't they all look tired?!!
Mmmm.. This is what I was eyeballing.. lol..
Needless to say.. It was a wonderful day.. MINUS the poor possum I hit on the way home **tear**... I still feel horrible
Alright,, Onto my next post about Yesterday.. :)
Mrs. E

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