Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Shower Baby Bump Cake!

This is why I haven't posted in a few days! I've been busy like a bee, but I've got lots to share! First up-- My newest cake creation. Here is a pregnant belly cake.. preggo, maternity.. baby bump.. cake! One of my friends called me up last week and asked me to make a baby shower cake for an expecting mother :) Here is what I came up with.. Congrats on the baby boy on the way! How exciting! 
Carving the cake 'baby bump'
Working it all together with some chocolate! If only they made bandaids this good ;)
Ready for a pretty blue dress!
Preparing the cake boobies!
They needed a good coat of chocolate too.. hehe
OMG! This one's ready for delivery!.. (well, at 1:30) 
Coloring the baby blue dress... Gotta keep the expecting mommy fabulous!
Ah, the wonderful fabric of my cake dress... how sweet you are..
Covered and ready for some shaping and cutting.. Almost a dress!
Hello dress! You need something else....
How about a fantabulous bow?

And maybe some flowers.. but BLUE ONLY! (Boys can do blue flowers right??)
Ahh... and there she is.. ready for the party! It's been fun, but we've got a hungry mama waiting!! Off you go my little beauty!...
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Anonymous said...

That Cake is GREAT!! When I get preggo you are definately making me one!

Steena said...

Thanks Nikki!.. Of course I'll make ya one!! You know it! ;0)

Jessica said...

That cake is amazing! You are super talented!

Mrs. Snugglebunny said...

I love it!

Rileyy Marie said...

That cake looks a m a z i n g.!

Steena said...

Thanks so much! :0D