Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Is In The *Air*

Sorry guys.. There's been nothing great going on lately.. It's been crazy on my end.. but here are a few pictures from the week. 
The view of my area.. Nestled in the mountain sun! *sigh*
A little treat at the hotspot around the corner.. Italian ice cream... Mmmm and a nice cup of hot chocolate! The best I've ever had! I'm sure I'll be a regular by the end of the month. teehee...
Cute little plant I bought from our florist downtown.. There were sooo many I wanted, but this one will do for now! :) I can't wait to plant my flower boxes outside my windows.
Well, back to the time consuming task of painting my kitchen.. pictures coming soon! 
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Dan said...

Where was the first picture in this post this taken? I used to live in Baumholder back in the early 80s (my dad was a soldier) and these apartment buildings look really familiar. We lived in bldg 8807 on Hill Side Ave, down the street from the high school.

Wow, great memories. My dad's last assignment was in Baumholder before he retired - I was almost 8. Thanks for posting. I've been scouring the internet trying to find some pictures of things I can remember.

Dan said...

Where was this picture taken? My dad retired from the Army when I was almost 8 and Baumholder was his last assignment. This looks pretty close to the view we had when we lived there in the early 80s. We lived in bldg 8807 on Hill Side Ave. Was it taken near there? It looks really familiar.

Anyway, thanks for posting pictures. I've been scouring the internet trying to find any photos that I could find of things I remember.