Saturday, March 27, 2010

Burg Nanstein

A couple quick photos of my latest castle exploration, Burg Nanstein. It's about 15 minutes from my home. One of the coolest I've been to and supposedly haunted. *Cue creepy music*  It's got a nice little restaurant off of the side with a great view overlooking the Landstuhl/Ramstein area and is very reasonably priced.
Park your chariots here please...
This is the view you can enjoy entering the castle or dining out on the restaurant balcony.
My house is waaaaaaaay past those windmills in the back!

All the gorgeous Roman arches..
I think I forgot to drink Alice's shrinking potion... *tisk tisk*
My husband exploring..
Helllllo! It's me.. Please let me in oh royal friends! I come bearing gifts!

Follow me... Princess Steena.. I will take you to the castle's treasure! lol

Could you imaging stepping out of your castle to this view in the morning?
Heading for the courtyard..
I love how the castle flows right into the natural rock... 

From above on the bridge.. Sorry it's so bright.
These dungeons were creepy..*eerie water dripping*
The courtyard was probably my favorite spot.. Peaceful and full of beauty
Statue.. pretty much standard in any great courtyard!
These detailed stone scrolls could be seen all over the castle.
I think this well in the center of the castle courtyard was my favorite part.. (not just because it was comfy on my bum either lol)
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