Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Relabeling and Organizing My Spice Collection.

First I found glass jars that I wanted to use. (They had sprinkle caps and a screw top.. Perfect!) Then, I cleaned them up in some warm soapy water and set them off to dry.
Once they were completely dry, I stuck their new labels on. I found some really cute labels by Martha Stewart that suited my project to the 'T'. :)
Now is the time to grab your spice selection out of your cabinet. Ewww look how mix-matched!
Toss any spices that are past their freshness date!! I never keep old spices! It defeats the purpose when you are seasoning food with flavorless powers.
Once all of the bad ones are weeded out, pour your spices into their fresh new bottles!
TADDAAAA! Look how much better that looks! Everything is coordinated and so tasty to the eyes! Time to put them to use! Wahhooooo!
Me :)


Anonymous said...

Love that idea! Where did you find the little jars?

Steena said...

I recycled an old spice set, but I've seen some really cute jar sets in some of the bigger craft stores. I dumped the old stuff and soaked the jars.. then I let them dry and refilled them with fresh spices and seasonings :)