Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Latest 'Keep Me Busy' Project

There's nowhere close by to buy patterns, and ordering online takes FOR-EV-ERRR, so I searched the internet and found a really cute and simple purse pattern on Made By Rae . Here's what I came up with! ;0) My ACU Buttercup Purse.
Our fabric is limited, so I find it where I can! LOL Just measure it out to a fat quarter and make it work!
I cut my pattern pieces and pinned my pleats.
Sewn up and ready for the liner.
Sewing in the liner..
The inside where you can add a clasp.. pockets.. etc.
And Tadaaaaa! The finaly product.
A closer iphone pic...

Here's another I made as a clutch.. It's red, white, and blue dots with a pretty red liner. It looks crooked in the picture, but I swear it's just the way it's propped up on my counter lol
Now here's YOUR mission! Go make yourself one of these bags and come back and let me see your final product! I've seen soooo many versions and all of them have been 100% awesome! Thanks to Made By Rae for such a fantastic project and keeping my sanity intact lol

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