Sunday, February 7, 2010

Out and about at the mall in Neunkirchen..

Last Thursday I went on a short trip to Neunkirchen.. (a town about an hour away) I hopped the train in Neubrucke and spent the day at the mall in the center of town. It was nice to get out of Baumholder and had plenty to choose from.   
Waiting on my train..
The Neubrucke station..
Hello train! To Neunkirchen please!

I walked the streets to the center of the city and stopped off in a couple of the side shops. There's a zoo nearby as well, but I didn't have time to check it out. Maybe next trip!
The mall has a T.K. Maxx (like T.J. Maxx lol), gift shops, shoe stores, clothing stores and numerous restaurants.
I had lunch at an Italian place.. The food was incredible! Nico (the old manager/possibly owner) was super welcoming and we all practiced playing with our languages.. a little English.. a little Italian, and some German. I order the 'rigatoni spinaci'. The gorgonzola cream sauce was amazing and the spinach was delightfully fresh! Mmmmmm I guess I'll have to hold off my cravings until my next trip.. Oh the torture!!! lol
If you're looking for a nice outing and some tasty dining hop the train and enjoy it for yourself :)
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Vanessa said...

Love that mall. Did you get to see the easter stuf they have out now. I think you'd love it. It's only like a 40 min drive. Let me know if you wanna go one sunny afternoon when the guys are gone and we are bored.

Steena said...

I haven't been lately! We'll have to take a trip. I've been looking for some good Easter stuff, but no luck at our normal spots.