Monday, February 15, 2010

Walking Around Baumholder..

Here are a few pictures from walking around the town I live in. Enjoy :)
Here is the old washing well. This is wear the town's people used to come and do their laundry. If you look closely you can see the statue of a woman washing her clothes. It's very pretty in summer.
Many of the buildings are built from the old wall that surrounded the town.

The town black smith. This family and their business have been here for hundreds of years.
I seriously could stare at the exposed brick in these walls for hours.
Going up the stairs in the town Museum.
A small model of the old town of Baumholder with the wall.
This breast plate was found built into one of the town building's walls.
This is the building the breast plate was found in.
Old sale records
This is what a traditional home looked like.. A whole family shared this one room and normally only had one single bed. Talk about a challenge!
The table setting..
I'll take the cake pans please :)

Oh, and this GORGEOUS stove as well! Thanks!
I feel like I should be cooking something!

The old bell and to the right an old soda machine.
The firefighting gear lol.. Needless to say.. it didn't help enough.

Can you imagine bucket after bucket to put out a house fire?
Soda machine..
Bottle sealer on the soda machine.
The sign under the bell lol.
The old loom..
Sewing machine.. I'd love this for my collection!
Shoe making machine.
The drying plants that will be made into linen.
Different machines for turning that plant into material.
Frau Lupus showing us the fabric.
This is pretty cool.. A lot of people like to collect the Earth from their homes or places they travel to be burried with. I think I might have to start a collection :)
A gate in town.
Churches..  There are two.. one Catholic and one Protestant. This is the protestant one.
This is the town's 'corpse gate.' It was used to bring the dead out of town and to the graveyard without people seeing.
The Catholic church

One of the old wall towers.
This is the oldest tree in town! Every year they hold a celebration here in honor of it.
Alright.. enough random stuff. I'll be back later today with some interesting stuff from my trip to Munich and a couple of my recent projects!
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