Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Few Highlights From My Outing Today..

I spent the day in Idar-Oberstein and had quite a few things that made it special lol
Here is a random drawing some child made. It was posted up in the bus to Idar. If you look close you can see it is a plane.. Not just any plane though, THIS plane was shooting bloody bullets and little bloody stick people. What in the heck does this kid see daily?!! lol It was pretty disturbing. Now on to my breakfast!...
YUM! Bruschetta! .. Or so I thought! I went through the breakfast line at Globus today and saw what I thought was a delicious half of brotchen with crushed tomatoes, onions and herbs on top... BOY WAS I WRONG. 

I bit in prepared for a sweet zesty bite of tomatoes and got a mushy salty bite of FRESH, RAW MEAT! You heard me right.. and it's very common here in Germany. My friend Gundi was so proud when she saw me select it! 'What a brave and adventurous moved for a foreigner' she thought. Too bad I had NO clue what the heck I grabbed! 
I carefully scraped the meat onto my plate and scarfed down the bread. 
Welp! The bread was good!.. hehe.. 

This little old man got the biggest kick out of me and my breakfast.. He couldn't understand why I wasn't eagerly eating my fresh ground meat and kept cheering me on. lol... Lucky for him, Chelsea, a girl that was along with me, was more than happy to give him hers after watching my ordeal haha. Look at him! He's happier than a fat tick on a coonhound!
After breakfast we went on with our shopping.. Here is a picture of a section in the meat counter... I love how German's give everything a personality and character. Little bear meat and faces... Gotta love it! With cool meat like that, who wouldn't want a sandwich??! :)
Love, Peace, and Fresh Ground Meat, 

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Katie and Wayne said...

look at those cute little bears!! how fun!