Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moda 'Love U' Series Fabric OMG! SO excited!

Yay!! Today I got the fabric I ordered from Fabric.com in the mail! I plan on using it for a baby quilt. I think the Moda 'Love U' series is super cute, so I bought quite a bit along with one or two other designs.. Here are some of the fabrics I ordered.

(Moda 'Love U' Tree Panel Sunshine Yellow/Green)
This will be the center of the front of my quilt. The colors are neutral and the animals and lettering is ultra cute!

(Moda 'Love U' Snail & Turtle Stripe Cloud White)
I thought the little snails and turtles were great! The colors are vibrant and playful.

(Frolic- Animal Collage Yellow)
This isn't part of the Moda collection, but I thought it was still adorable enough for my blanket. This is Frolic by Wendy Slotboom. I'm a sucker for cute forest animals. :)

(Frolic- Peering Animals Green)
Owls, possums, squirels, and little birdies.. I 'heart' them!

(Moda 'Love U' Who's Who in Cloud White and Grass Green)
Speaking of birdies!!... How do you like these little branch perched owls?! I liked them so much I got two different colors of the fabric! teehee..

(Moda 'Love U' Trees Cloud White)
This fabric was perfect as a filler and to tone down my quilt. I can't wait to get working on it and show you the finished project!! Until then, why not make your way over to fabric.com and start your project! Let me know what you end up creating with this pretty little collection :)
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