Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trying to get organized!!!

I really needed to get some stuff organized in my craft area so last Thursday, on my day off, I got to work!
First, I went to Home Depot and bought my supplies... Peg board, hooks, and spray paint.

Next, Go to your parents house at the butt crack of dawn.. (cause they have a yard lol)

Hmm.. I don't wanna spray the grass... so take the board over to a tree waaaaay in the back.

Lean the board on a tree and then spray away.. not too much or you'll get drip-----age...

Now, while you're waiting on your board to dry, take your cutie pie dog for a walk.
Me and Rascal went around the block for about a good 40 minutes before the board was about finished.

Attach your hooks in your living room (because it's freezing out)... and enjoy gawking at it while devouring a warm bowl of Chicken and Pastry..
Fill and hang all your gear on your newly decorated wall piece. I'll post some pics when mine is complete!

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