Friday, November 21, 2008

OMG! This is what boredom will do to ya!! lol

I think Rascal was tired of seeing all of this baby boom stuff going on and decided to give in to his natural parenting instincts.. Congrats on the new puppy! (LOL)
Ok,, so Rascal didn't really have a baby.. But it's funny right??
And I guess boys can't give birth.. UNLESS you are Thomas Beatie.. (who is actually still a woman parts wise, but legally a man.. ?... )
ANYWAYS! Look how cute... Too bad babies will never be in Rascal's future since he has been 'taken care of' ::: cough:: lol


He puts up with my madness lol.. What a great dog.. :)

Well.. just thought I'd post these..
Have a wonderful day!!

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