Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ok.. Now if I could only make about 20 more lol

This is the newest addition to my collection of creations... Once I got the hang of things it took maybe an hour to finish.. Next time.. I'd say I could do it in about 30 mins.. :)

I chose a nice soft baby flannel.. with a little stretch to it ;0) I figured this pattern could be unisex.. so it was perfect!

First, I cut out my pieces of fabric (yay for camera phone pictures lol)

Next, I sewed the sleeves onto the front and back panels.

:::stitch stitch:::

This is what it looks like with the sleeves attached.. not too cute, I know.

Now you sew from the bottoms of each sleeve, down and around each leg, and then to the other sleeve bottom.

I wanted to neaten things up, so I made a nice 1/2 inch seam on each side of the front panel opening.

Look how much better it's looking... "Can I get a partial 'aaawwwwweee' now??"

After we've got this cutie looking somewhat decent, we need to add some elastic to the sleeves, snappies to the front, and a collar!

Cut out a wider opening where the neck goes ... whatever you think looks comfortable.. (I have to guess without a baby model around to measure lol)
::snip snip::::
Either buy binding.. or make your own...
I used some extra fabric, ironed it up.. and it turned out fine!

Here I am sewing on the binding to the neck area to create a clean looking collar area.

For the elastic in the sleeves, I created a seam with a small space to feed the elastic. Once I threaded the elastic in I sewed it closed and repeated the same on the other sleeve. Looks even better now, huh? :)

Finally, You can sew on your snappies! Since, I don't have a baby to measure, I simply sewed on one snappy for now just to close it up temporary. If, you have a baby around, you could measure the fit a little better and add about 4 or 5 onto it to close it up

Just a quick sew to fasten.

Look how happy! lol.. Now you have finished jammies! Yippeeeeeee!
Now I need to make a hundred more.. and in a few different sizes! Time to make some patterns!!!
----~*~Steens ~*~

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