Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mmm. . . A new restaurant in town.

Norah's opened up recently and I've been eager to try it out.. Well~ Sunday I got the chance:)
It's supposed to be "international cuisine/healthy food".... But I was a little disappointed..
Not with the food, because, don't get me wrong, it was very *tasty*.... BUT not really healthy.... and there wasn't a big "international" selection.. the menu was actually pretty small.. and I think the most "international" item was Jerk chicken... not that exotic. :0/
As far as health goes.. here's an example- sure they had "spicy vegetables," but they were greasy veggies.. and yeah, they had "Calypso rice" but it was so thick and starchy.. :-/
Another downside... the wait.
The freshly grilled entrees are probably the reason for the long wait, ,,, but it was a little TOO long.. I def. think they need to work on a better system back in the kitchen.. or hire a few more staff. Some people were ready to leave by the time their food was brought out... Luckily me and mom were willing to stick it out!
The meat was grilled up deliciously though.. they get all the point for that.. mmm! Full of flavor and very light! :) Their tea was also very good.. nice and fruity.. and SUPER refreshing on a hot day!... But their coconut corn muffins are what will bring me back!

I'd give them 6 stars out of 10....
ALMOST, but not quite.

Mrs. E

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