Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm "IT"

WoooooHoooo! I've finally been tagged! Lori from "I Spend Most of My Life in the Kitchen" has tagged me!
This means that I have to tell 8 things about myself. .... AND tag 8 new people!~ :)
Here goes!-

*I'm addicted to Big Brother 8. I seriously rush home on lunch breaks to watch the tivo'ed episodes at my mother's house!..... and NOW, it's getting down to the nitty gritty in the house :)
*I love to run. It makes me feel SO good inside... It's such a release for stress and the adrenaline is amazing.
*I love trying new things-- food, music, sports, arts and crafts. I hate the "same ol' same ol' routines"...
*I come from a close family. We've all been through a lot more than most people so it's brought us together over the years.
*I got married in a court house at 20. (This past February)... We kinda. . . eloped? I love my Mike though! :0*
*I love culture -- it's what drives the world. I can never stop learning about what makes us all unique and beautiful.
*I am working on a major in radio/tv/film... It would be my *ultimate* dream to be an anchor or have my own television show. (dammit! I'll even be a weather girl if I have to! :)
*When I was younger I wanted to be a scientist or a singer.. I was always very into discovering new things or entertaining people.... guess I still am the curious artist?! :)

Me and a little boy in Colombia.. This picture def. sums me up--- I love children, helping people.. the arts and crafts .. making people smile.. and traveling.. (even though most would stray far from a place considered to have "high crime".
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--Steeeeeena :)


Hypatia said...

Hallo Steena, the invitation is gladly accepted. I will post some 8 things about myself on my blog, in english.

Greeting from Athens, Greece

Anonymous said...

I think eloping is romantic (provided everyone is sober). :oD I would have eloped, but my husband was the one who wanted a big wedding.