Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back from my "Vacation"! :)

Our day trip to Wilmington Beach..

This trip turned out great... and soooo relaxing :)
random ducks... hiding from the heat.
Are you lost sweetie?... Let me take you home! ;0)
The pier
Goofy faces!
The End..
More pictures to come..


Hypatia said...

Lovely scenery!!
Did you take a swim?
How does it feel like to swim in the ocean? Is the water cold? Is is a deep sea?

I have never gone swimming in an ocean. Our waters are not as wide..

Each time you upload pictures from a trip, I have to check with google earth to find out where it is :-)

Hypatia said...

Hey Steena,

Long time not heard from you!!
What's up?