Monday, October 8, 2007

My Pastry Adventure :)

I finally got a little time to do something before midterms start and fall break.. etc.. I was online the other day at work and saw some icelandic pastries.. My grandma is Icelandic so the pictures inspired me to try something new..
I saw how they worked with the pastry and made it absolutely beautiful.. Here is what I ended up with :)
Sugar dusted butterfly with plum in the center. *flutters*
My favorite of the bunch... apricot and pear w/ cinnamon sprinkles
Plum and apricot... this one was tasty! The one that has the star in the center is the one I made for my grandmother.. she said they would call it a braid... Definitely love it :)

Fresh and flaky from the oven.... YuM

Some close-ups..
The plain looking pastry on the right was filled with chocolate hazelnut filling.... Heavenly.. it reminded me of kindergarten in Germany.
My lovely fruit and spice filled cups... :)
Alright enough for now!
Ciao :)

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