Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Hump day!!

Ugh! I'm ready for the weekend..
Here's what's new right now..

  • I'm bored at work (the usual).. Looking at Halloween costumes online. I honestly doubt I'll even dress up this year.. I did, however, decorate the front door to my house :)
  • I'm frustrated about us trying to get a house.. I feel like we have to do it quickly or someone will steal the house we like.. (and prices will keep rising.. etc..) then we wont be able to afford one.
  • I envy pregnant women. I don't really think now is the best time for a baby...BUT that doesn't mean that I don't want one! ,,, In fact, I really want to start a family.. I guess I'll just continue to wait it out.. :0(
  • I went shopping on Sunday and bought lots of fun stuff to bake with!!!!! :) But, I have been non-stop busy and haven't had a chance to start on anything.. HOPEFULLY, this evening I can get to some baking therapy.
  • I hate my car. If it weren't for the fact we are trying to get a house.. I would totally look into getting something "newer".. But used and easy to pay off (NO crazy payments please!).. Hmmm.. I would also LOVE to look into a washer and dryer.. I absolutely dislike having to go out to do laudry and search for quarters.. I just wanna be able to do my laundry any time I feel like it and in my own home.. Oh how I look forward to the day we have our own set!!!!!!!

Well, I think that's all for now!




Frank said...

Sounds like someone needs a cyber hug! Although it also sounds like it's been a helluva month! EEEK!

In reference to your "is it the right time to be pregnant": I keep asking myself the same, well, similar thing. Is it the right time to adopt. Hey, is there ever a right time? So I'm barreling forward in typical Taurus fashion...

Lissa Lane said...

I love Halloween it's our anniversary. My house has been decorated for about 4 weeks now lol

Steena said...

Ooooo me too! I love halloween.... it's just fun to dress up.. decorate.. and get away from being yourself for a day. :)

Frank- I have NO doubts that things will work out just fine with the adoption! Just remember that you're a good person AND that NO ONE is ever fully prepared to be a parent. :)