Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Hump day!!

Well, Today is my last day of fall break.. *tears swelling*
It's been fun.. but I must admit that I am super anxious to find out what I made on that History midterm.. I'm really praying that I passed it.. The last two chapters we studied were quite difficult and just had too many random events to remember. Guess we'll see tomorrow morning xcrosses fingersx
Onto other things! I got to try a fried Oreo at the state fair... mmm. .. and I'm totally craving one now! It was surprisingly delicious.. (and probably deadly lol)
I'll post about it with a picture or two soon.

Hmmm... Other than that! Any great ideas on something fun to do this weekend? I have run out of creativity in that department and my weekends are getting to be monotonous.

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