Monday, May 25, 2009

This ALWAYS happens ...

I am so bad at this! It seems that as soon as I get in my boogie woogie blogging groove, I get busier than hell and neglect you all! For that, I apologize! I could give a million excuses I'm sure, but for now I'll just tell you a few of the things going on in my chaotic life and you can clearly see why I've been MIA once again!
Recently, (and I mean within days) I found out that my husband and I will be making a trip overseas. Not for vacation or a backpacking excursion, but for a full 3 yrs! My husband got word that we will be moving to Europe this fall. He reports in September and I guess I just show up sometime soon after... Thanks for the notice! LOL. Luckily, we don't have much to worry about. (Selling a house, pets, etc) We can just get up and go.
So far, it looks like we may be heading to Baumholder, Germany. It's a small base in western Germany near the border of France. (In the vineyard country) I'm pretty excited... I tend to adapt quickly and make the best of every situation, so this experience should be a memorable one! I've lived in Germany before as a young child, but I know now I'll be able to explore and appreciate it all more. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted along the way.... And if you are heading to the area, please let me know! I'm sure we can all help eachother throughout this PCS. :)

NEXT!!!---> My cousin Desiree is getting married in a few weeks and I'll be making her cake. I'm in the beginning stages of planning, so expect to see some pictures and what not in the near future. Besides that.... umm... I don't know what else is keeping me from blogging lol..
I'm sure I have quite a few more things going on, but this should be sufficient!
Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day and hopefully I'll be back later to put up some new stuff!

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