Tuesday, December 16, 2008

UFC Fight... Extravaganza!!!!

We went to UFC'S Fight for the Troops and had a great time!
Here are Mike and me before and after the fight lol.
Notice how Vicious we both got?! hehehe


Here's a shot of the crowd before ... it was packed by the 2nd fight. Talk about HOT and smelly!! lol. The craziest part of the night was Corey hill breaking his leg.. I swear he just kicked is opponent and his leg snapped in half like a spaghetti noodle.. (I'm still gagging) You tube has some videos I'm sure. I was forced to watch the slow-mo replays over and over at the fight, lol, so I'm good.. no more for me!

It was def a romantic night of blood and violence... haha jk Maybe next time we can do dinner and a movie instead? :0P


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