Friday, July 31, 2009

PCSing.. On Our Mission to Baumholder.

The last time I blogged, everything was kind of crazy in this little world of mine and the thought of this possible PCS was up in the air. Well, now it is a full blown PCS!
We have been through so much crap lately and I feel like since things are winding down in the final days, I have time to start blogging again. (I could be wrong lol.. But you'll know if I'm gone another month!)
The movers are coming next week, my car is sold, and things are pretty much wrapping up at work! Now it's just time to finish up the small details (all 12 thousand of them) and we'll be on our way to our new home in Baumholder Germany! This has all happened so quickly and I don't think the reality has quite hit me yet. I, Christina Bo Beana, am packing up my junk and moving half way across the world! I have so many emotions going on right now. Am I completely thrilled for the opportunity to travel the world at the government's expense?... or should I be freaking out that I'm leaving the place I grew up, my friends, and the family I am so dearly close to??!! -- Good thing my friends and family like to travel! lol
I know that this will be a great experience for me and my Mike we'll make the best of it while taking on the challenges of living abroad.
I'll be back to tell of my journey so far and all the hoops I've had to jump through. (Maybe I can make things easier for the next person on this windy path!)



ashleigh thaxton said...

hey i am currently in baumholder. are you still here? if so i was wonder do you make these cakes my husbands 21st bday is coming up and i wanted one.

Steena said...

I've sent you an email! :)